NU Blue Hammer


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Factory Finish:
500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad
Flare Potential:
Coverstock Type:
Not Urethane
Weightblock Type:
LED - Symmetrical
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Hammer is excited to introduce a revolutionary ball – actually a game-changer for bowlers seeking alternatives to traditional urethane ball reaction. With recent changes to PBA rules regarding traditional urethane, Hammer took on the challenge of producing a ball that would mimic the performance attributes of the famous Purple Pearl Urethane Hammer without using urethane… and we nailed it. The NU Blue Hammer is “not urethane” but delivers a urethane ball motion. It is versatile, smooth, consistent, and predictable, making it ideal for challenging lane conditions. Bowlers will experience all the advantages of a reactive ball that can be used in any competition while benefiting from the classic Purple Pearl Urethane ball motion that has dominated the lanes for years.


  • PART NUMBER 60-108083-93X
  • COLOR Bad Ass Blue Pearl
  • COVERSTOCK Not Urethane
  • COVER TYPE Not Urethane
  • FINISH 500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad
  • WEIGHTS 16-12 Pounds
  • LANE CONDITION Light to medium oil
  • REACTION Smooth arc
  • WARRANTY Two years from purchase date
  • RELEASE DATE November 16, 2023


  • 16 lb - RG (2.541) DIFF (0.035)
  • 15 lb - RG (2.586) DIFF (0.027)
  • 14 lb - RG (2.605) DIFF (0.026)
  • 13 lb - RG (2.598) DIFF (0.025)
  • 12 lb - RG (2.592) DIFF (0.031)


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  • 5
    NU bowling ball

    Posted by Chris Javier on Feb 28th 2024

    Its kinda similar but not quite, its surprisingly hooks and very controllable for house patterns. great for tourneys too

  • 5
    NU Hammer

    Posted by Kalani Kepaa on Jan 30th 2024

    The new blue hammer is close to urethane but not like the purple hammer which makes it a great alternative and reacts well and very controllable to house patterns.

  • 5
    Hammer NU

    Posted by Clancy DeGroodt on Jan 27th 2024

    Hammer NU The Hammer NU is jus as expected very controllable reaction similar to the shape of the Purple Urethane but with a bit more punch downlane. Good piece for sport conditions.

  • 4
    Bad Ass Blue

    Posted by C miller on Dec 30th 2023

    Hammer's NU Blue has been out for a better part of a month and what I see out of it, compared to the purple is a ball that is cleaner up front, with more continuation down lane.

  • 5
    Another Great Addition To Hammer Line Of Bowling Balls

    Posted by Kevin Nagasawa on Dec 18th 2023

    Hammer Bowling Has Come Out With Another Winner. This New Hammer NU Bowling Ball Is Added To A Great Line Of Hammer Balls Over The Last Few Years. Not Only A Great Addition To My Two Favorite Bowling Balls The Original Black Hammer And Purple Urethane The New NU Adds Another Dimension To This Great Group Of Bowling Balls. The Color And Shelf Appeal Of This Beautiful Blue Bowling Ball Really Adds To The Black And Purple Coming Out With A New Brighter Color. As The Purple Hammer Definitely Goes Longer And The Solid Also Has A lot Of Length And Backend Drive Through The Pins This New NU Has A Few More Boards Of Area Then The Other Two. Out Of Box The New NU Is Pretty Aggressive But Very Controllable Through The Mid Lanes And Definitely Still Drives Through The Pins. This New NU Not Being Urethane Has Its Unique Characteristics But Similar Ball Motions To All Of The Urethane Bowling Balls Definitely A Great Ball For Any Tournament Or League Bowler. In All Of My Leagues I See At Least Two Blue NU’s Per Rack This Ball Has Definitely Become Very Popular Amongst All League Bowlers And Definitely Tournament Bowlers. This Ball Is Great For Dry Medium To Light Oil Lane Conditions And Is A Great Ball To Have During Transition When You Want To Stay Further To The Right And Still Play Straight Up The Boards. Make Sure You Go To Your Local Proshop Today And Buy One Of These You Don’t Want To Be The Only One Without One Do You? #Hammer #HammerBowling #NothingHitsLikeAHammer

  • 5
    Believe the Hype!!!

    Posted by Bryan Williams, PBA Member and DV8 Pro Staff on Dec 13th 2023

    The Purple Hammer has been a benchmark in the world of urethane bowling balls. This ball has dominated the urethane class for years. Because of new rules from the PBA, Hammer had to come up with an alternative to replace the Purple Hammer Urethane ball. Well, Hammer once again has created the next great ball in bowling with the introduction of the Not Urethane (NU) Blue Hammer. The NU Blue Hammer is the first ball from Hammer which creates a urethane-type ball motion using some of the materials found in reactive balls, and to reproduce the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane ball reaction with a coverstock that absorbed oil for improved performance consistency and hitting power. The NU Blue Hammer does just that! This ball is simply AMAZING! The ball reacts like a reactive ball, with the shape and motion the Purple Hammer gave. This is most certainly a viable replacement for PBA Members seeking to replace the Purple Hammer. I have mine drilled with the pin slightly above my ring finger and it has an amazing ball reaction. Definitely check out the NU Blue Hammer at your local pro shop. The hype is real!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by David Varner on Dec 12th 2023

    The NOT URETHANE by hammer was the answer to the pba banning the purple hammer from their competitions. Even though the purple hammer is still completely legal for usbc competition most bowlers will still benefit by adding the nu to their bag. I threw this and the purple hammer side by side and I can honestly say it’s to close for my skill level to tell you any major difference. If anything I will say I noticed the nu being a little further down lane which gave me more continuation

  • 4
    Hammer NU Blue Hammer

    Posted by Bob Newman on Dec 5th 2023

    The NU Hammer is a nice option for short patterns & and should work on most house shots. It is very smooth and creates a controllable arc to the pocket. I drilled a pin up and a pin down to match my Purples and you do play in a very similar part of the lane. The Purples do pick up sooner, but the NU's are stronger through the pocket. If I'm bowling a Senior PBA event where I formerly threw Purple, I'm throwing the Hammer NU.

  • 5
    NU Hammer

    Posted by Mark Hanken on Nov 22nd 2023

    NU Hammer, I drilled this strong for me, 30x3x30. I was able to throw it on burned up house pattern and fresh. It looked great on the burned-up pattern, I was able to get left and it recovered and drove through the pins perfectly. On the fresh I had to square up and play up the oil line. This allowed for some mis room both directions and the ball flat struck a lot. It is cleaner than the Purple Hammer, but much slower to respond than any reactive I have thrown. Surface prep will be key to get that Urethane type motion if that is your goal. Hope this helps!

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