Hammer Effect


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Factory Finish:
500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Factory Compound
Weightblock Type:
Huntsman - Asymmetric
Coverstock Type:
HK22 - Cohesion Pearl
Flare Potential:
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The new Hammer Effect is unlike any other; it is the first ball to be poured in four colors. The gorgeous appearance isn’t the only thing that will turn heads; the Hammer Effect’s clean and aggressive mid-lane and backend performance is unparalleled in the High Performance category. The Hammer Effect introduces a new core shape called Huntsman and has physical features that will remind you of other famous Hammer balls like the Vibe and Black Widow, creating optimum performance on the lanes. Along with the new core, we’ve upped our HK22 game with this new version that takes responsiveness to the next level. Once you see what the Hammer Effect does on the lanes, you’ll want HK22 – Cohesion Pearl to be used more and more.


  • PART NUMBER 60-108123-93X
  • COLOR Maroon / Blue / Black / Purple
  • CORE Huntsman
  • COVERSTOCK HK22 - Cohesion Pearl
  • COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
  • FINISH 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Factory Compound
  • WEIGHTS 16-12 Pounds
  • LANE CONDITION Medium to heavy oil
  • REACTION Aggressive mid-lane and backend
  • WARRANTY Two years from purchase date
  • RELEASE DATE March 21, 2024


  • 16 lb - RG (2.483) DIFF (0.043) ASY (0.015)
  • 15 lb - RG (2.470) DIFF (0.050) ASY (0.017)
  • 14 lb - RG (2.495) DIFF (0.050) ASY (0.016)
  • 13 lb - RG (2.597) DIFF (0.041) ASY (0.014)
  • 12 lb - RG (2.593) DIFF (0.041) ASY (0.014)

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  • 5
    Excellent bowling ball

    Posted by Steve Demmy on Apr 26th 2024

    All I can say is wow. This ball is so amazing. The drive through the backend is great and the motion down lane is smooth. If you don’t have this ball, you really need to add this to your bag.

  • 5
    Best new ball of the year!

    Posted by Eric A. on Apr 15th 2024

    I have thrown the Effect on three different patterns, and I am loving this ball. Threw it on a house shot. I could miss left and not have the weak 10 or ring 10, when the ball never really picks up. This ball picks up! I also thew it on the 45’ Dick Weber and 43’ Earl Anthony. I get a great motion on both. I didn’t expect the motion I got on the Anthony. I am very impressed. Clean but not super skip-flip, just a good strong motion. Averaged over 230 on the Weber the first time I used the Effect in competition.

  • 5
    Hammer Effect

    Posted by Joe Goldstein, Sr. on Apr 15th 2024

    The Hammer Effect is a turning heads and pumping out high scores everywhere. The colors, reaction, hitting power and versatility makes this a must have for bowlers of all calibers. From novice to serious players. This piece will not disappoint. It brings back memories for me of the old Hot Sauce. Don't miss out!!! Get yours now!!!

  • 5

    Posted by David Varner on Apr 2nd 2024

    The hammer effect features a new huntsman core. A mash up between two legendary cores created a lot of hype with this release. It also features a new additive creating HK22 cohesion pearl. This has been one of the funnest balls to throw that I have drilled in awhile. It’s hard to describe the type of ball it is because if you throw it inside it seems to read in the oil and be more rolly but still has enough pop at the end of the pattern to get through the pins. On the outside throws it bounces off the friction with ease making it look like a big skid flip type ball. To me these two reactions translate to big miss room areas where you don’t have to worry about it being lost in the oil if you miss left or roll out when it hits friction on the outside misses. There have been a lot of ball of the year claims with this release and I can’t find a way to argue against it!

  • 5
    Hammer Effect

    Posted by David Larson on Mar 31st 2024

    The first word that comes to mind to describe the new Hammer Effect is WOW!! The Hammer Effect is absolutely beautiful on the lane and off. It continues off the back end of the pattern and never slows down. It is much more ball than I expected out of a pearl. This ball has the new Hammer Huntsman core (best of the Widow and Vibe cores combined) and HK22 Cohesion pearl shell. With limited games thrown it has impressed me like no other. You can miss right and this ball will still recover and retain its energy and hit with power. The ball is extremely versatile on both oily and medium lane conditions. The hype surrounding this ball is real and worth becoming a major player in your bag.

  • 5

    Posted by Bob Moran on Mar 30th 2024

    Brand new core and new version of HK22 that take this ball to the next level. Clean and aggressive mid-lane with the backend to match not to mention its amazing shelf appeal. The Effect is real and sends the pins flying

  • 5
    Hammer Effect

    Posted by Bob Newman on Mar 25th 2024

    There are usually 1 or 2 new bowling balls a year that I call "special" and early returns show this is one that fits that category. The Hammer Effect for me, in limited games has been really good. It is much more ball than I expected out of a pearl (Cohesion Pearl). It is shiny, but reads the mid-lane very well and continues to rev up thru the pins. The new Huntsman core is supposed to be the best of the Widow & Vibe cores. As I continued left I was surprised to see the ball still splitting the 8-9. Usually the deeper I move the more deflection I get. The eye test was telling me this ball was still exiting the back of the pin deck in a very strong position. The Hammer Effect will be heard from a lot this year. Great looking too.

  • 5
    Wow…….Simply WOW!!!

    Posted by Bryan Williams, PBA Member and DV8 Pro Staff on Mar 24th 2024

    The new Hammer Effect with the new Huntsman core and the HK22 added to the Cohesion Pearl coverstock is truly something special! It has been some time since I have thrown a ball of this caliber. For a pearlized ball, this ball responds exceptionally well on oily lane conditions. This ball gives a similar ball motion like the Ocean Vibe, but much sooner and stronger off the spot and the HK22 added to the coverstock makes this ball hit like a truck. In comparison to the DV8 Violent Collision, the Hammer Effect moved much sooner in the midlanes, and was much more responsive off the friction. Additionally, you can miss right with this ball and it will still recover and retain its energy and hitting power. I put a 45x4x30 layout in this ball to give continuous ball motion and a very predictable ball shape down lane. This ball is extremely versatile on both oily and medium lane conditions. Believe the hype on this ball and know that everything you are hearing is true. The new Hammer Effect is going to change the game of bowling!

  • 5

    Posted by Brian D on Mar 19th 2024

    This might be the best ball of 2024. The Effect is the strongest, shiny cover we’ve ever produced. Compared to a Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid, you will notice more mid-lane traction and more continuation. It’s also the first four-color ball ever designed. Make sure to pre-order yours today.

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