Radical Conspiracy Theory

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The Conspiracy Theory is a second generation of the very successful Conspiracy core. Radical has modified the shape and densities to increase the overall performance of the original Conspiracy core.  Radical Technologies success has come from having dynamic down lane ball motion; this is a result of the cover and core performance. The Conspiracy Theory not only features core improvements it also allows us to introduce a newly developed cover stock technology. The new TP-1 cover is a textured pearl cover stock, a new technology for the industry. TP-1 allows the Conspiracy Theory to pick up a heavy roll like a solid and have big backend recovery like a pearl. TP-1 is truly a game-changer. As with all Top Shelf and Reliable price points from Radical, they have included the hard-hitting DynamiCore technology. DynamiCore increases the coefficient of restitution, pins disperse at a higher rate of speed, and faster pin speed yields a higher strike percentage on-off hits.