One Hour Lesson with PBA Tour Player, Cody Shoemaker

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Availability March- April

Unavailable from 3/4 to 3/24
 March 26th 2-8pm             March 27th 2-8pm            
March 28th 10am-3pm    March 30th 2-8pm             March 31st 2-8pm             April 2nd 2-8pm                 
April 3rd 2-8pm                  April 4th 10am-3pm          April 6th 2-8pm                   April 7th 2-8pm
April 9th 2-8pm                   April 10th 2-8pm                April 11th 10am-3pm        April 13th 2-8pm
April 14th 2-8pm                April 16th 2-8pm                April 17th 2-8pm                April 18th 10am-3pm
Cody Shoemaker Bio:
Hometown: Hanover
Joined PBA 2016
2016 PBA East Region Rookie of the Year
5 years of pro shop experience
Sponsors: Vise and Genesis
Birthday: June 8
Career Highlights: 8th place at the 2018 PBA Maine Shootout
6th place at the 2017 PBA Billy Hardwick Open Memorial