Obsession Tour™


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Factory Finish:
500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad
Flare Potential:
Weightblock Type:
Obsession Tour - Asymmetric
Coverstock Type:
TourV2 Solid
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The Obsession and Obsession Tour have the same core shape; however, the Tour edition differential is .016 points lower, creating less flare, less hook, and a more controllable reaction compared to the regular Obsession.


The Obsession Tour will create a unique reaction that will allow many players to stand closer to the dry and be great for higher rev players. It uses an updated version of the Tour cover found on the Web Tour balls. Featuring DOT technology, which allows you to drill anywhere which makes this ball even tougher.

Hammer recommends Tough Scrub to keep your Obsession Tour performing its best!


  • PART NUMBER 60-106484-93X
  • COLOR Burgundy
  • CORE Obsession Tour
  • CORE TYPE Asymmetric
  • COVERSTOCK TourV2 Solid
  • COVER TYPE Solid Reactive
  • FINISH 500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad
  • WEIGHTS 16-12 Pounds
  • LANE CONDITION Medium to heavy oil
  • REACTION Strong midlane and backend
  • WARRANTY Two years from purchase date


  • 16 lb - RG (2.484) DIFF (0.029) ASY (0.011)
  • 15 lb - RG (2.469) DIFF (0.034) ASY (0.013)
  • 14 lb - RG (2.485) DIFF (0.034) ASY (0.013)
  • 13 lb - RG (2.597) DIFF (0.041) ASY (0.014)
  • 12 lb - RG (2.593) DIFF (0.041) ASY (0.014)

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  • 5
    Super Reliable Benchmark Solid

    Posted by Scott Crawford on Jul 26th 2022

    The Obsession Tour has been an extremely reliable benchmark solid for me to really get a good read on the oil patterns and starting point for the set. While it’s core is the same shape as the Obsession, the Tour has a lower differential, so less flare and more controllable reaction. As with most ‘tour’ type balls it excels on difficult patterns where you need to control the lane from front to back, but it’s also a great benchmark ball on house shots too. I drilled this one 60 x 4 x 30 and kept at the box finish of 500 / 1000 Siaair and it gives me controllable hook and the ability to play multiple angles some too. https://youtube.com/shorts/u_Ljc6lYrPM

  • 5
    Got to Have

    Posted by C Miller on Jun 25th 2021

    The Obsession Tour by Hammer is your " get out of jail free " ball. It let's you control the lanes when they get tricky. The Obsession Tour and the Obsession really do compliment each other on a variety of patterns.

  • 5
    65 x 3 ¾ x 20 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ - Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380

    Posted by Chris Doerr on May 13th 2021

    After throwing the original Obsession, I decided to drill up the tour as well because I love the Hammer Obsession. This ball is exactly as advertised, smooth, strong and definitely hits like a Hammer. I brought this ball to league and my first game was the front 9 and then the disappointing pocket 7-10, which is a popular leave in our center. Besides that, this ball would be great for heavier oil patterns and when you need to control the sharp reacting backends. Smooth, smooth, smooth and strong is how I describe this ball shape, an absolute winner.

  • 5
    Controlled motion with an asymmetric core

    Posted by Derek Kozlak on May 4th 2021

    Speed: 17.9 RPM: 480 PAP: 5 7/8 RT x 2 1/4 DN No-thumb, one league per week, tournaments when I can. Tremendous slouch. Controlled motion with an asymmetric core. Released at the same time as the Obsession Solid, the Obsession Tour has the same core shape, however, the Obsession Tour has a differential that is .016 points lower which creates less flare, less hook, and a more controllable reaction compared to the Obsession Solid and uses an updated version of the Tour cover found on the Web Tour balls. The Obsession Tour will create a unique reaction that will allow many players to stand closer to the dry and be great for higher rev players. With the out of box surface at 500/1000 and the new Obsession Tour core this ball is exactly as advertised as I get a controlled, lower flaring asymmetric core ball that allows me to keep a tighter line to the pocket (something that is generally associated with a symmetric core) which is a definite plus on tougher sport/challenge patterns as well as the 2021 USBC Masters pattern. I used a layout of 90x2.25x45 intending to have a ball motion that would replicate a urethane look without the urethane carry down, that will not overreact or be too jumpy down lane. That said, I’m still able to move both my feet and targets left during league and play a bigger rolling arc with the Obsession Tour still having enough energy to roll up to the pocket and split the 8-9 pins. Even on attempts that are light or ‘half pocket’ there’s a great ‘mix’ with the pins and getting the head pin as a messenger to take out that dreaded 10 pin. I haven’t yet attempted to alter the OOB finish. It’s not the prettiest ball that you’ll ever see but the solid Burgundy with Gold lettering does appeal to my eyes even though I prefer a mix of colors ...and those are the colors for the University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!) High performance and at the high price point, intended to have a strong mid lane and backend motion (even with my layout choice to tame that reaction) on medium to heavy oil, I’m not disappointed with the ball reaction and shape that I’m getting out of the Obsession Tour and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed either. Be well, rip racks ...and shred pins.

  • 5
    Obsession Tour

    Posted by Phil Hughes on Feb 22nd 2021

    I drilled my Hammer Obsession Tour 45x4 ½ x35 to match my game. This ball is unique and will be my benchmark ball, replacing my symmetrical balls for league when I start. My lower rev rate of 300 and speed at 16mph usually keeps me from using very many asymmetrical bowling balls. I can throw this ball all night long as it is smooth as silk in all phases of the ball motion

  • 5
    Hammer Obsession Tour is pretty special

    Posted by Bob Newman on Feb 19th 2021

    Super stoked to get this one in my hands. I like low differential cores, they just roll better for me. This is my first low diff. core that is also asymmetric. This ball rolled great right out of the box. Very smooth reaction yet still went through the pins the right way. I was on a THS and several times I rolled it into the friction early and expected it to shoot across the nose but it just went high flush, ten back instead of some split. This is gonna be a great ball for my arsenal.

  • 5
    Amazed by this one!

    Posted by Matthew Staninger on Feb 17th 2021

    I am very impressed at how useful this ball is on so many conditions. It is an in between look at a typical asymmetrical and symmetrical ball,which gives it strong roll and continuation. I will have 3 of these in my bag. Check out the versatility here: https://youtu.be/MlAmOtu5HHw

  • 5
    You’ll Be Obsessed

    Posted by Kerry on Feb 1st 2021

    The Hammer Obsession Tour is an asymmetric ball that reads the body of the lane without over reacting and has a smooth backend reaction with a big punch through the pins. This ball is like a Hammer Web Tour Hybrid on steroids! This is one ball that everyone is going to want in their bags.

  • 5

    Posted by David Varner on Jan 31st 2021

    When I see the tour nameplate I expect a smooth controllable ball. That is what you get with the obsession tour but don’t be fooled this ball still hooks! I have it a step down from the obsession but could easily throw it early in the night or in the oil as well. Lowering the diff allowed this ball to get a little further down the lane and round out the shape rather than getting into a roll to early. I think this ball is extremely versatile and should take surface adjustments great to give you even more variety.