Fatal Venom


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Factory Finish:
5000 Grit LSP
Flare Potential:
3" +
Weightblock Type:
Coverstock Type:
Infusion™ Pearl Reactive
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The Fatal Venom™ provides a deadly combination of length with an angular strike on light-medium oil conditions.  It features the latest MOTIV® cover technology and the outstanding original Gear™ core from the Venom™ Shock.

The Gear™ core gives the Fatal Venom™ both low RG and low differential so it spins super-fast with minimal track flare.  The result is a stable ball motion with massive energy retention. 

Utilizing the latest Infusion™ Pearl Reactive cover, the Fatal Venom™ offers great length and angularity. These traction characteristics joined with the control of the Gear™ core provide a clean and moderately angular motion that is ideal for scoring on drier lanes. 

When to use:

  • Speed Dominant: For straighter angles on moderately dry lanes.  The Gear core and Infusion combo will allow the bowler to use the pearl to clear the front without sacrificing control down lane.
  • Balanced: A great dry lane benchmark piece.  If you know that there is not a lot of volume on the lane or the lane surface is higher friction, this will be a great first ball out of the bag.
  • Rev Dominant: When the most angular balls in the product line are too much down lane, the Fatal Venom will be the go-to option.


  • COVER STOCK Infusion™ Pearl Reactive
  • FINISH 5500 Grit LSP
  • WEIGHT RANGE 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
  • LENGTH 17
  • BACKEND 18
  • HOOK 52